Review - The Falls by Ian Rankin

The Falls by Ian Rankin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A terrific cop thriller full of Scottish heart

The only other Rebus book I’ve read is the first in the series, Knots and Crosses. I gave it a three star rating at the time and said that I wouldn’t be reading further into the series. That was unfair of me because a) the first book in these types of series are most always the worst and b) The Falls was awesome.


The story focuses one a ‘missing pers’ (person) and a cryptic online game, run by the ‘quizmaster’. It is nicely done from beginning to end and the clues the quizmaster presents are clever and require the team to work together to solve them.


The story focuses on Rebus (obviously) and Siobhan. Rebus is a very realistic character and Rankin shows his humour and emotional side alongside the copper within him. Rankin presents Rebus as a character with flaws which makes him all the more lovable.

The other characters are all very believable and add a lot to the story.


Jumping from the first book in the series to the twelfth, I was able to see the huge improvements that Rankin has made in his writing and the pacing of the novel. It has much more character.

Similar to Welsh, Rankin paints a very realistic picture of Edinburgh.

Notable issues

James MacPherson, the audiobook narrator isn’t the best. I think they could find someone who delivers with more impact. He is perfect for the dialogue and humorous moments, but you want someone who can carry the action scenes.

Final thought

I’ll be reading more of the series!

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