Review - Ex-Patriots by Peter Clines

Ex-Patriots by Peter Clines
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A comic book-esque slobberknocker!

The story picks up two years on from the events of the previous book, as the US army arrives at the superheroes base, the Mount. The story centres on the mysterious Project Krypton, which I can’t really talk about in any way for fear of spoiling the story.

The previous book, Ex-Heroes was a little too zombie-riffic in my view. This book still features zombies, but does so in a much better and original way.

To me, this is the closest you can get to a great novel about comic book characters.

The audiobook production for this series is phenomenal and one of my favourites.

Final thought

These books are great fun and great if you’re looking for something light after reading something heavy or serious. Will I give any of the next books in the series five stars? I’m doubtful, but I will enjoy them.

You know what did get five stars, though? Cline’s 14 and The Fold, both of which are absolutely fantastic!

I still don’t know if it’s worth living in a world with no more donuts.




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